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Workplace Safety Consulting

It takes a team effort by both management and employees to assure that total quality safety management in the workplace becomes a core value of your organization. Astute business executives know the importance of a risk assessment in the workplace because reducing workplace accidents can improve the company's bottom line. Focusing on preventing the most common causes of on-the-job injuries a company can reduce medical, liability, worker compensation and disability insurance costs as well as the cost of training replacement workers and lost production.


Our Facility Safety Consulting Group is composed of Architects, Safety Engineers, and Fire Safety Professionals who have years of experience drawn from thousands of projects involving facility failures and indoor air quality problems that resulted in economic loss and personal injury.

Facility conditions are ever changing due to age, use, maintenance, and the environment. These varying conditions can result in failures that lead to injures and claims. Safety requirements change over time. It’s difficult for Owners and Facility Managers to manage risk in this continuously changing environment that involve so many governmental, engineering and technical issues.

Effective Facility Risk Management & Loss Control involve much more than locating the problems are. The critical step is knowing whether your current loss prevention measures are adequate or if additional procedures or structural modifications may be needed. To understand the difference, it takes the help of experienced safety engineers who have specialized knowledge developed by investigating thousands of projects.

Workplace Safety Consulting Capabilities Include:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Job Hazard Assessment
  • Ergonomic Engineering
  • Engineering Risk Assessments
  • Building Assessments
  • OSHA Workplace Safety Programs
  • OSHA Safety Requirements
  • Safety Training
  • Workplace Ergonomics
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